xSB01 Spikey



After purchasing MAS-01 Optimus Prime (18″ of prime… prime) I found myself looking for a to scale Spike.

I was unable to find anything I liked so I decided to take it into my own hands and mod an already established toy to fit my needs.

This method is very quick and relatively low cost. I am sure there are many ways to do this, I just did it this way as I had the tools on hand already.


The Figure

Enter the Bruder Construction Worker with Accessories figure from the Bruder company. (Purchasable by your local Amazon!)

I got mine from the Canadian Amazon site for about 18 dollars.

He stands about 4″ tall and comes with removable helmet and usable tools as seen above.



  1. Blue, brown and yellow paint as well as brushes
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Modelling Clay



  1. Remove his protective vest and scratch off the logo on his pocket.
  2. Wash the toy in some soap and water to help get rid of any oils.
  3. Lightly sand the legs. Not so much to scratch but just light enough to remove any additional layers of oils and to help the paint your going to apply stick better.
  4. Paint his pants blue and his hair brown. (It helps to water down the paint and apply several coats)
  5. Be sure to move his legs and joints to paint the inside of those.
  6. Roll out some thin strips of the modelling clay large enough to cover his feet and some of his legs. These will form the boots.
  7. Score a side of the clay as well as the figures leg the same height as the boot. This will help the clay stick better.
  8. Apply the clay over his feet and leg and shape into the boots using your fingers. The end of your paint brush helps to smooth things out.
  9. As it dries, it helps to stand the figure up and press the clay into the ground to help form a flat bottom so the figure will be able to stand.
  10. Once dry, paint several coats of the yellow paint.


I hope you were able to get some idea for your own Spike. At the very least the Bruder Construction Worker is a good place to start.